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Posted by dodmal on October 30, 2013 at 10:40 PM

Western Women’s Volleyball Team @ Camp Cataraqui Over the weekend of September 13-15th, the UWO Women’s Volleyball team participated in a team building weekend held at Camp Cataraqui – located on the shores of Lake Erie in Muirkirk, Ontario. With 17 athletes and 2 coaches – we were very fortunate to find a facility that could accommodate such a large number at a reasonable cost. Our team rented out McGeachy Longhouse and spent two nights camped out on the floor of the longhouse. We used the kitchen facilities to make our own meals, and found that the camp had all the equipment we needed to make and serve every meal of the day. Over the weekend, we took advantage of many of the activities the camp has to offer – including nature walks with great views of Lake Erie and a large group campfire around the fire pit. The highlight of our weekend was making use of the ‘Task Initiative’ course set up in the woods at Cataraqui. The team was split in two, and each group of 8 participated in seven different challenges. Each task presented a different problem solving challenge – and it was great to see how the qualities of leadership and resourcefulness emerged within our team. Each group worked together – and displayed amazing creativity, bravery and competitiveness throughout the afternoon challenges. These challenges were all brand new to our team – and they tackled them head on! A favourite of our team was ‘The Wall’ – where each group had to get all team members up and over the wall safely and as quickly as possible. Our coaching staff was amazed at how quickly they worked together to accomplish this task! It was an afternoon where we learned a lot about our team, they learned a lot about each other – and each athlete left with a sense of accomplishment because they took on challenges that pushed them outside of their comfort zone. We finished the challenges with the ‘land ski’ race – which was the ultimate test of teamwork and communication. It was a great way to kick off our season and to build important off the court relationships. For both athletes and coaches it was a weekend we will remember throughout our season and for many years to come. Thank you to Scouts Canada and Camp Cataraqui for being great hosts – from the beginning to end of organizing our stay it was a simple process, when we arrived to camp it was clean and prepared for us to stay, and a camp member even stayed late to welcome us and show us around on the first night. We look forward to making Camp Cataraqui a part of our annual pre-season tradition with the Mustangs Volleyball Team!

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